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App Features

Discover tailored celestial wisdom on the move with our application's standout features. Dive into unique astrological understandings, ensuring the universe's guidance is always at your fingertips.

Provides answers to every question of your life

Starting right from your career to your love life or health.

Helps to improve your relationships

Get insights and guidance to enhance your relationships.

Helps to overcome anxiety

Explain the reasons behind your feelings and increase mindfulness to overcome anxiety.

Guides you to take the right action

Take actions at the right times of your life based on your astrological chart.

Leads to a better understanding of yourself

Boost positive energy and gain a deeper self-understanding.

Advises on personal gemstones, colors, and other tools

Receive advice on personal tools to enhance your well-being.

Our Astrologers

Our skilled astrologers offer deep celestial insights. With expertise in life's various facets, they're here to guide, enlighten, and empower you. Trust their profound wisdom for your journey of self-discovery. Your cosmic allies await.

Chirinjivi Dhakal

Chirinjivi Dhakal

12 years of experience

⭐ 4.9

Shree Krishna Acharya

Shree Krishna Acharya

4 years of experience

⭐ 4.8

Surendra Acharya

Surendra Acharya

10 years of experience

⭐ 4.8

Surya Poudel

Surya Poudel

7 years of experience

⭐ 4.7

Saroj Poudel

Saroj Poudel

2 years of experience

⭐ 4.7

Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma

9 years of experience

⭐ 4.6


See what our valued customers and clients have to say about their experiences. From accurate insights to life-changing guidance, our astrology services have made a positive impact.

Sanjaya Lamichane

⭐ 5.0

I asked a question to AstroChats, Guru answered my question in a few hours with full of motivation. I love the answer and way of handing customer questions. I will keep using it and recomend to use it.

Asmita Aryal

⭐ 5.0

Great service. Very satisfied with the answer. Worth the amount pay and great price. Very very satisfied. Thank you Astro chat.

Samjhauta Sharma

⭐ 5.0

I really love this app. It's too good 😊 👍

Lakpa Shrepa

⭐ 5.0

Loved the interface and response from Gurus. Well satisfied! Highly recommend 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our astrology services, consultations, privacy, and more.

  • 01 What kind of questions can I ask on AstroChats?

    Until you are being respectful and authentic about your queries, there isn't a limit to what you can chat about with an astrologer and what you can. Astrology has an answer for literally anything and everything. Starting right from your career to your love life or health, astrology can predict endless queries. You can trust us when we say our astrologers have been inundated with some of the most difficult questions, which they have answered with ease.

  • First of all, the credit for astrology and the predictions we make here being so accurate goes to the 100s of learned and astrologically-versed astrologers we have on the team. And to answer what makes astrology so accurate, then it is the pure knowledge of our astrologers about the planets, planetary configurations, and learning of how they influence human life and behavior as they move, shift or even stay still. Astrology is not some random guesswork but science that entails scientific principles that were sketched by learned Gurus 1000s of years ago and have not changed to date. These gurus studied the movement of planets and how their aura influences the life of people on earth. The antiquity of astrology is revealed by the fact that millions of people continue to stay connected with it due to the accuracy it has to offer. Astrology has changed the lives of millions of people through us and many other astrologers who continue to share their knowledge of astrology one prediction at a time.

  • Many people have misconceptions that an astrologer can tell them what exactly is going to happen to them in the future or the next moment, which is the wrong way to think about astrology. Astrology predictions are based on planetary movements. A planet moves from one house to another, one zodiac sign to another, etc. These moments by planets can either be good or unfavorable for the native. For example, if say the planet Mercury is camping in a friendly zodiac sign, the outcomes are to be good for the native. Meanwhile, if the mercury is camping in an unfriendly zodiac sign, the outcome can be critical. An astrologer, based on calculations, notes down such shifts and traits and based on the same share with you if your upcoming time would be good or tough. If you think this way, astrology predictions ought to be true.

  • Astrology has no limits and nor do we. We have so many astrologers on our team with whom you can connect and ask questions (Online or Offline). They would help you with all your queries without any time limit intact.

  • Astrological predictions may change in several cases:

    • The first is when an astrologer unintentionally makes a mistake in locating the position of the planets. In such a case, the predictions can go wrong.
    • Secondly, if you have provided the wrong information, especially the date and time of your birth, then astrology predictions are subject to change.
    • The third situation when astrology predictions can go wrong is when you try to change yourself for good or bad. Many of you must be thinking that how an astrological prediction can change when it is mostly based on the movement of planets (which does not change). Well, there is more to it. Every planet rules some good traits and bad traits. And it's your deeds that decide which traits of the planet will become powerful. So for example, if you are a careless person as of now with Mercury as your ruling planet, you are unable to gain the good effects of Mercury. However, if you try to change yourself with time, the good traits of Mercury will eventually reflect in your chart and personality thus changing the astrology prediction.
  • Astrology can't predict if you will win a lottery today or not but it can surely help you predict what are your chances to win a lottery. Also, numerology is another form of prediction that can help you with lucky numbers prospects, which can eventually help you decide what number you can go with to get lucky with winning a lottery.


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